19 July 2006

Long Overdue Update

I've been working at a golf course recently and have been keeping busy getting ready for a trip to Montana to see my girlfriend's father and his friends and family. The part I'm concerned about, however, is the 4 day backpacking trip to a deserted Native American reservation in Wyoming. We shall see how much I enjoy roughing it.

I just found the most amazing car accessory I have ever seen!...and that includes ridiculous things from Pimp My Ride! Need new wheels? Hey look, Ella has a blog now!

It turns out that MySpace really is as bad for people's computers as I thought. But that was alltogether obvious.

On the weird tech application front, the much hurrah-ed big brother tool, RFID tagging, will come to be employed in the operating room to make sure no instruments are left behind after surgeries.

I think that for 103 inches, I might overlook the shortcomings of the plasma display technology. I guess if you weren't worried about burn in on your current smaller plasma set, you should definitely start if you spend the projected 70,000$ on one of these.

Finally, hell yes I'd have Basil take care of my home security!