23 May 2006

Yahoo! Widgets and some news on the Apple front

If you haven't checked out Yahoo! Widget Engine yet, prepare yourself to get addicted. Sure, it'll use a decent amount of your system's resources, but I have never used something so relatively simplistic so frequently. Basically, it's a small program (recently absorbed by Yahoo!) that allows small, easily-coded, usually pretty "widgets" to run and display on your desktop. Yahoo! includes several useful widgets with the download and install of the engine, and their gallery of thousands of widgets should satisfy any other need anyone might have. Many offer some internet-powered information gathering functionality, which brings a whole new dimension to using the internet for up-to-date information, like movie times. If you love the character Gir of Invader Zim, you could download a Gir widget I overhauled. If you can't find anything you like,it is easy enough to make one and submit it to Yahoo! for inclusion in the gallery.

A new MacBook (non-pro) was released recently. Apple has finally brought the lower-end market into the game by producing a laptop with almost all of the innovative features of the MacBook Pro, but reducing the screen size and performance in order to lower the price. The starting price for the 13.3" MacBook in white is 1099$, very close to the previous starting price of the iBook. Apple has also opened an always-open flagship store in NYC with a very interestingly cube designed building.

And for a wacky iPod accessory, check out the LCD goggles for watching video.

21 May 2006

I'll start posting random goodstuff that I find...

I'm finally finished another semester of school, so until I get a job, I don't have any responsibilities to occupy my time. Additionally, my girlfriend has been in the other side of the country for a week. That's why I'm exploring this blogging thing. I've read 'em for years but have never made my own. I have not decided what the topic of focus should be. Amusing findings could be vaguely interesting...

To understand this blog's etymology, first familiarize yourself with be amazed by Magical Trevor (2, 3). Speaking of such splendid flash animation, there are scads of amusing animations on the weebls-stuff site to be enjoyed. Awesome-o-saurus is a recent animation and...is clearly the hotness. Also, around the same latitude as my "location" (the Congo) but on the other coast, Kenya certainly has some lovely wild animals that don't induce seizures. But the most random story-sequence of the day definitely goes to the second version of Krentz which is clearly on par with the original. I'm wondering, exactly what is chutney? If you asked me, I wouldn't be able to answer you. In any event, try not to be inexplicably disturbed too much by some of the too.

...and therefore a small victory on my part...
First Post for Testing :)